Cloud Platform Security

Cloud Platform Security

Can your cloud configuration weather the storm?

With the advances in scalability and flexibility, the ‘cloud’ is more or less a known entity now, and even the most resistant sectors are starting to embrace this paradigm shift in technology. As more and more organisations move their most critical data assets from on-premises to the cloud, so too are attackers focusing their attention on cloud platform vulnerabilities.

While many businesses believe that security is implicit in a cloud computing platform, the cloud service providers still hold customers responsible for maintaining secure configurations across various cloud computing components.

We offer cloud security assurance in three primary areas —

Cloud Security Configuration Assessment

Our security configuration review aims to get your cloud environment up to scratch and aligned with your cloud provider's security best practice standards across areas such as authentication, data classification and privacy, and threat management, in conjunction with meeting your organisation's own security and compliance obligations.

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Cloud Security Architecture Assessment

A securely configured cloud platform alone is not enough, and organisations must ensure that the design and security architecture of their cloud infrastructure is as air-tight as possible. In the event where an organisation's cloud service is compromised, it is not uncommon for the attacker to have a direct path into the organisation's internal network.

We offer a cloud architecture assessment service where we undertake a detailed design review of your cloud or hybrid environment to identify weak points and offer suggestions where the network topology could be strengthened.

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Office 365 Security Configuration Review

Microsoft Office 365 has become the go-to service for daily business operations such as email, file-sharing and collaboration. Naturally, since it contains highly sensitive corporate information, it is also a prime target for attackers to gain a foothold into your organisation's network.

We will assess your Office 365 environment, including identity management and all first- and third-party applications for misconfigurations, weak security configurations and other 'low hanging fruit' issues that could be utilised by an attacker to escalate their access or access sensitive information.

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