Enterprise Immunity Assessment

What is an Enterprise Immunity Assessment?

In recent times, the vast majority of successful attacks are based upon malware delivered through a barrage of social engineering, trickery and browser-level subversion. In order to test these defences, it is necessary to construct and deploy the same kind of advanced and stealthy malware as employed by the best cybercriminals.

Our Enterprise Immunity Assessment will determine how well your organisation's current security defences stand up to varying degrees of non-destructive malware payloads. We start from the basics and determine your current anti-malware baseline, and gradually increase the pace until we can bypass critical security controls in your network and systems.

From off-the-shelf exploits to our custom-developed Command and Control framework, we will determine just how broadly a malicious payload can spread, and the information that it can exfiltrate from your environment.

Did You Know?

  • 92% of malware is delivered via email.

  • 34% of businesses hit with malware took a week or more to regain access to their data.

  • Trojans make up more than half of all malware.

  • 70% of malware payloads in 2019 were variants of ransomware.

  • 230,000 new malware samples are developed every day, and this number is predicted to only keep growing.

  • Detections of malware rose 79% from 2017 due to an increase in backdoors, miners, spyware, and information stealers.

Why Choose Aurian?

Our Enterprise Immunity Assessments provide benefits including:

  • Understanding how malware can infiltrate your systems in the event of a successful phishing attack
  • An assessment of your current anti-malware security controls, such as anti-virus and mail filtering solutions
  • Improving your organisation's security posture by highlighting good and bad practices
  • Understanding how your employees' actions may inadvertently lead to the exposure of sensitive data